SenseGlove Nova

Haptic Virtual Reality Gloves

› 2 wireless gloves for precise finger tracking
› Force feedback with up 20N resistance
› Vibrotactile feedback for immersive haptics
› compatible with SteamVR Tracking, VIVE Focus 3, PICO Neo 3 Pro and Meta Quest 2


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Introducing SenseGlove Nova

The New Sense in VR for enterprise

With advanced haptic technologies, best-in-class comfort and functionality, the Nova is built with business in mind. Completely wireless force-feedback gloves are compatible with standalone headsets and made to be donned in 5 seconds.

Experience advanced technology with unparalleled freedom

Force Feedback

With SenseGlove, digital objects have real hand presence. Our force-feedback system puts out 20 Newtons of resistance within 10 ms, making digital objects feel real. This makes SenseGlove Nova perfectly suited for VR training.

Vibrotactile Feedback

SenseGlove has embedded an advanced voice coil actuator technology that allows the Nova to render the feeling of realistic button clicks and impact simulations, which are crucial for virtual reality training with tools and dashboards.

Motion Tracking

SenseGlove Nova combines sensor based finger tracking with computer vision hand tracking algorithms. It is compatible with SteamVR Tracking (via VIVE Tracker 3.0), Pico Neo 3 Pro Controllers, Mea Quest 2 Controllers and VIVE Focus 3 (via VIVE Wirst Trackers).

This is what makes the SenseGlove Nova great for enterprise VR solutions:


Easy to use

The Nova is completely wireless. It works with standalone headsets and features an updated flexible form factor that enables users to feel virtual objects with unparalleled freedom.




The ability to experience digital worlds through intuitive real-world behaviors coupled with a price affordable for every XR professional make the SenseGlove Nova the most accessible device for the future of work and a new sense in VR training.


Industry Approved

Developed in collaboration with SenseGlove research customers, SenseGlove Nova possesses the features required for VR training. Its technology has been tested for training and research applications by industry leaders.

Motion Capturing

9-axis absolute orientation sensor in the wrist

4 sensors to capture the flexion and extension of the thumb and the index-, middle- and ring- fingers. 1 sensor to capture the abduction and adduction of the thumb.

Optional: Fusion with proprietary computer-vision algorithms in the SenseGlove SDK to detect hand location and to enhance accuracy of finger tracking within the field of view of the HMD camera(s).

Force Feedback

4 proprietary passive force feedback modules delivering a maximum force of 20N in flexion direction at the fingertips

A force resolution with an average of 0.2N per programmable step.

Haptic Feedback

2 Linear Resonance Actuators haptic motors of max 1.8G peak located at the fingertip of the thumb and index finger.

1 voice coil haptic actuator with a sensitivity range of 45-250Hz, for impact simulation up to 4.3G, located in the palm hub of the SenseGlove Nova.

Power Consumption

3450mAh Lithium-Ion Battery, good for an average of 2-3 hours of simulation time


320g (11.3 oz) per glove.


2.4GHz wireless serial communication, 60Hz refresh rate

Software Development Kit

Visit Senseglove's Dev Center:

An extensive software development kit (SDK) is available for Unity. Available for download here:

An Unreal Engine API is available available for download here:

A basic native C++ SDK ) is available for Unity. Available for download here:

Positional Tracking

SenseGlove proprietary Computer-Vision is used to determine hand location in cartesian space.

HMDs without access to mounted camera images will require 3rd party hardware, e.g. Meta Quest controllers or VIVE Trackers, which are not part of the Nova Set. The Nova comes with an VIVE Tracker-, VIVE Wrist Tracker-, VIVE Focus 3 controller-, PICO Neo 3 controller- or Meta Quest 2 controller mounts.

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