About us

Schenker Technologies is a Leipzig-based company operating throughout Europe as a provider of IT hardware and accessories, distribution services, and the latest in augmented and virtual reality technologies. Around 80 employees are responsible for a comprehensive range of activities, from production and storage to service, support and administration, all under one roof.

Just one element of the company's portfolio is the local manufacture of freely configurable laptops and desktop PCs from renowned company brands XMG (gaming) and SCHENKER (professional users), which have already received numerous awards from industry media thanks to the use of the latest and most powerful components, in addition to our expert trilingual customer service.

The third pillar of the company, the new e-commerce platform bestware.com, also complements and rounds off the company's own range with a carefully chosen selection of the best products from other manufacturers and the new bestware.com PC configuration tool. Schenker Technologies sees itself as an innovative trendsetter and uses its many years of distribution experience to provide the European market with the world's most interesting new technologies and custom solutions.

Since 2016, the company has also been providing its customers with increased support as part of the OVRLAB partnership, acting as a specialist full-service provider for the implementation of commercial-creative extended-reality projects.

Company management

Robert Schenker, Managing Director

The company owes its name and foundation to Robert Schenker, who created "mySN Schenker Notebook" in 2002, a start-up with a tradition of focusing specifically on the wishes of its customers. This down-to-earth entrepreneur, who originally trained as a concert musician before entering the industry, continues to prove his keen intuition for the needs of the target group: he not only picked up on the approaching virtual reality trend at an early stage, he also successfully brought the internationally renowned DreamHack to Leipzig, which is now the base of the company headquarters and home town to the married father of two children. Under his forward-thinking leadership, SCHENKER Technologies has been able to develop into a provider which operates throughout Europe, while still maintaining the customer-focused, friendly approach that has always been a key feature of its business culture.


Melchior Franke, Managing Director

Melchior Franke has been in charge of internal operational processes at SCHENKER Technologies since 2003. He not only has many years of expertise in the field of purchasing, his personal network also includes a large number of European and Asian suppliers. Through these contacts, he ensures that the company always has the best possible resources available for the production of its own high-quality laptops and desktop PCs. His area of responsibility includes management of the supply chain and therefore the supervision of all the processes involved, from purchasing and production to warehousing and logistics. Melchior Franke lives in Leipzig as a married father of two children.

Manufacturing at SCHENKER Technologies


Our laptop and desktop PC manufacturing facility in Leipzig not only manufactures all of the computers from our own brands, XMG and SCHENKER, it also assembles build-to-order devices from our cooperation partners into fully functional systems featuring complete component assembly and pre-installed software, such as Mini-PCs from ZOTAC.

Experienced technicians assemble carefully designed fixed configurations, available both from large online retailers as well as over the counter in electronics stores, in addition to laptops and desktop PCs that can be configured to individual customer requirements. You can order these via BESTWARE, our commercial platform, where you can assemble any of our devices according to your personal preferences before rounding out your system with the ideal accessories.

You decide the setup - from the processor and graphics card to the storage drives, RAM and integrated displays. We build the device you want and provide it with an individual identification number so that we can be available to you to provide service and support for the entire service life of your laptop or PC. Thanks to our extensive inventory of components, we can even provide many models with spare parts if required, even after the warranty period has expired.

We are always ready to receive special requests and can also offer particularly powerful devices with additional options. These include, for example, the possibility of using delidded CPUs and heat conducting agents with extremely high conductivity. This allows even extreme configurations to be used at relatively low temperatures and low noise levels.

For devices featuring metal housing there is also the possibility of custom surface finishing with a high-powered laser. Upon request, we can provide the back of your display cover with lettering or a logo, designed to your specifications.

All laptops and PCs undergo an intensive evaluation process for quality assurance before they go on sale. Any components that we offer for a given model in our shop are subjected to intensive compatibility and load tests. This means you can be certain that all possible combinations satisfy the strictest requirements in terms of system stability.

BIOS-level adjustments are also part of the initial product evaluation: we are in constant contact with our suppliers and can therefore provide numerous optimisations at even the most basic system level. This includes, for example, the implementation of special speed curves for system fans, the behaviour of which is optimally adapted to individual models.

All notebooks and desktop PCs are subjected to additional, intensive final testing before being delivered to our customers. During testing, we not only check the stability of the individual device, we also prepare a comprehensive test report that records a large number of temperature and performance values for the individual components.

Thanks to our in-house stock of components and an on-site service department in Leipzig, you benefit from the shortest possible response times in the event of a warranty claim. This also includes the possibility of rapid repair within 48 hours. If a device needs to be replaced, you will only receive goods which are new.

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