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ICAROS Home - the exercise bike of the 21st century

ICAROS combines fitness and virtual reality to create exciting and effective training experiences!

ICAROS Home allows you to fly or dive through virtual worlds while improving your fitness. The three-dimensional planking exercise strengthens the core muscles, trains the balance and improves the coordinative and reactive abilities. Choose the exercise intensity according to your fitness level by selecting different game scenarios and device settings.

ICAROS Home systems are optimized for home use and can be installed almost anywhere. The devices are mobile, lightweight and robust. ICAROS Home devices have been recognized for their outstanding design and unique training capabilities.

What does the ICAROS HOME system include?

The system includes the ICAROS Home device, ICAROS Flight smartphone / PC app and an ICAROS controller. Additionally you need either:

  • a smartphone (Samsung S7 or S8) as well as a Samsung Gear VR or
  • an Oculus Go
  • a HTC Vive (Pro) system or
  • an Oculus Rift system.

These are not included in the set.

How is the device delivered?

The ICAROS HOME comes in three packages. Assembly instructions are included in the package. If you would like a setup service, contact ICAROS directly at info@icaros.com

How big / heavy are the packages?

120cm x 60cm x 60cm (47 "x 24" x 24 "), 2 each to 31kg (68 lbs), 1 to 20kg (44 lbs)

How much space do I need to install the system?

Approximately 1.50m x 2.50m (4.9ft x 8.2 ft)

How heavy is an ICAROS Home System?

56 kg

Which software is included in the set?

The ICAROS FLIGHT software is included with every ICAROS HOME. New game experiences like AIM, ICARACE, DEEP or GRAVITY can be purchased additionally. The trailers can be found here.


Is there a multiplayer mode?

ICAROS FLIGHT, ICAROS AIM, ICAROS DEEP and can be used with up to two players. ICARACE even up to 8 players

Does ICAROS also support other headsets such as OCULUS RIFT or HTC VIVE?

Yes. ICAROS software is compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and HTC VIVE.


What training effects does the ICAROS HOME offer?

In addition to strengthening the trunk and shoulder muscles, the training improves balance and coordination.

What is the permissible min./max. Size of the user?

140cm - 200cm (4.6 ft, 6.56 ft)

What is the minimum age?

14 years (recommendation)

What is the maximum allowable weight of the user

110kg (243 lbs)

How do I maintain the ICAROS HOME?

Please do not try to oil parts on the device. This can affect the function. Tighten the screws with the tools recommended in the instructions for use at regular intervals.

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