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INFORMATION FOR UK SHOPPERS: Please note that from 1.1.2021 we will not charge VAT on all orders with a delivery address in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland). Delivery will be net and the recipient will have to pay 20 % UK VAT and a customs processing charge (amount may vary) on delivery.

For deliveries to Northern Ireland, we will continue to collect 20% VAT and no further charges will apply on delivery.

All prices quoted in our online shop include German value added tax.

According to the laws in force within the EU, goods delivered by a company to end customers in other EU countries must be taxed at the VAT rates applicable in the recipient country from the point at which an amount is exceeded.

Deliveries to the following countries are affected by this:

  • Austria, 20 % VAT
  • Belgium, 21 % VAT
  • Bulgaria, 20 % VAT
  • Croatia, 25% VAT
  • Cyprus, 19 % VAT
  • Czech Republic, 21 % VAT
  • Denmark, 25 % VAT
  • Estonia, 20 % VAT
  • Finland, 24 % VAT
  • France (incl. Monaco), 20 % VAT
  • Greece, 24 % VAT
  • Hungary, 27 % VAT
  • Ireland, 23 % VAT
  • Italy, 22 % VAT
  • Latvia, 21 % VAT
  • Lithuania, 21 % VAT
  • Luxembourg, 17 % VAT
  • Malta, 18 % VAT
  • Netherlands, 21 % VAT
  • Northern Ireland, 20 % VAT
  • Poland, 23 % VAT
  • Portugal, 23 % VAT
  • Romania, 19 % VAT
  • Slovakia, 20 % VAT
  • Slovenia, 22 % VAT
  • Spain, 21 % VAT
  • Sweden, 25 % VAT

For more information please check the official site of the European Union.

Cash on delivery

With the payment method cash on delivery you pay your invoice in cash when it is delivered to you by the postman.
Please note that the payment usually has to be made suitably and additional fees may have to be paid to the parcel delivery company.

An order by cash on delivery is only possible up to a maximum shopping cart amount of 3,500 € for deliveries within Germany.

Cash on delivery is not available for the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Cyprus.

Credit card - AMEX, Mastercard & VISA

Payment by credit card is fast, secure and a few clicks away.
If you choose credit card as payment method, your order can be processed faster.

Please have the following card information at hand:
- Credit card number
- Cardholder name
- End date of card validity
- Card verification number

After your legitimation as a valid cardholder, we request your credit card company to initiate the payment transaction immediately after the order. The payment transaction will be carried out automatically by the credit card company and your card will then be charged with the full order value.

For immediate assistance and answers to questions, please contact your card issuer at the telephone number listed on the back of your credit card.

The payment will be processed immediately at the time of ordering, no matter if the item is available or not and no matter the delivery time.

Klarna Pay Later

Only available for customers from Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Select "Klarna Pay Later" as your payment method in the checkout.
  • You can then choose between a payment period of 14 days, 30 days or 2 months.
    Please note that payment periods of more than 14 days are charged at extra cost and Klarna reserves the right to limit the offered payment periods individually.
  • After your order has been shipped, you will receive an invoice from Klarna. This can be paid via the Klarna app or online banking.
  • If you want to return your order, this can be easily marked in the Klarna app to pause the invoice until the returns have been processed. The invoice will be updated by Klarna as soon as we have received the return.

Klarna Pay Over Time

Only available for customers from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

  • Select "Klarna Pay Over Time" as your payment method in the checkout.
  • You can now choose between fixed or flexible instalments with a term of up to 24 months.

Please note that payment by instalments is charged at an additional cost and that Klarna reserves the right to limit the instalment and term options offered on an individual basis.


SOFORT is a free and secure payment service and since 2014 Sofort GmbH is part of the Klarna Group. Sofort GmbH itself does not store sensitive data such as PIN and TAN and executes the transaction only as a technical payment service provider.

If you choose SOFORT as payment method, your order can be processed faster.

Your benefits:
- no additional registration
- automatic debit from your online bank account
- highest security standards (encryption with AES 256-bit)
- No input of long card numbers
- no opening of an account and thus no storage of customer data

With SOFORT you can complete your order easily and conveniently with your online banking data. Immediately afterwards you will receive a transaction confirmation and your order can be processed immediately.
Please note that you can only use your current account to use SOFORT - it cannot be used with call money, investment or financing accounts.

You can find more information about SOFORT here.

The payment will be processed immediately at the time of ordering, no matter if the item is available or not and no matter the delivery time.
The payment method is only available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.


Pay your order on easily via PayPal in only 3 easy steps:
1. Choose PayPal as your payment method
2. Log in to PayPal with your email address and password.
3. Confirm the payment by clicking the blue button "Pay now".

You can link your PayPal account to your bank account or credit card so that your sensitive bank details are only stored with PayPal and do not have to be entered again for every online purchase.
In addition, you benefit from PayPal's free unlimited buyer protection.

If you choose PayPal as your payment method, your order can be processed more quickly.

The payment will be processed immediately at the time of ordering, no matter if the item is available or not and no matter the delivery time.
Please note that the delivery address of your order must be identical to the delivery address stored with PayPal so that we can process your order.

Prepayment - 1.5 % rebate

If you pay by bank transfer, we will grant you an additional 1.5% rebate on the value of your order. The discount is automatically deducted when you select the prepayment payment method.

With the payment method Prepayment, you make a SEPA transfer.

In the e-mail you receive to confirm your order, you will find the total amount of your order as well as our bank details.
After the total amount has been credited to our account, your goods will be shipped as soon as possible according to availability. Please note that we are unfortunately unable to accept crossed cheques.

Please indicate the following reason for payment with your bank transfer:
Purpose 1:  Your order number
Purpose 2:  Your customer number

Please note that any bank charges incurred will be borne by you, otherwise there may be a delay in processing your order.


Currently, AmazonPay is not available. We are working on offering this payment option again soon.

Consors Finance

Why wait? Finance your dream machine now!

Pay quickly and easily in small monthly instalments (only for customers with residence in Germany). Simply add items to your shopping cart, go to the checkout and select "Financing" as your payment method. The mediation is carried out exclusively for the lender BNP Paribas S.A. Germany branch, Munich office: Schwanthalerstr. 31, 80336 Munich.

Terms and conditions for financing:
- - annual percentage rate of interest of 0% with a term of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months
- annual percentage rate of 9.9% for terms of 42 and 48 months or longer

You have the option of submitting the legitimation of the financing application online or in written form via a postal office.

Here's how it works:
1. Apply for financing online: Fill out the application form online.
2. Legitimation: 
Option 1: Have your identity confirmed easily online via video calling.
Option 2: Have your identity confirmed at the nearest post office using Postident.
3: Sign the contract:
Option 1: Sign the loan agreement online via mTAN (SMS).
Option 2: Print out the loan agreement, sign it handwritten and send it in by post.
4: After a positive check of your financing application, the order will be processed further.

You can find more information on financing through Consors Finanz BNP Paribas directly here.

Payment on invoice / net invoice / leasing

These payment options are only available to commercial customers when ordering through our B2B team.

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