Valid since 03/2024

Please note that the warranty conditions listed here only apply to products of the XMG and SCHENKER brands. For products of other brands, the warranty conditions of the corresponding manufacturers apply. Please find the manufacturer contact details here.



Warranty terms and conditions

1.    Content of warranty services

2.    Duration and scope of warranty

3.    Requirements for warranty claims

4.    Data and data backup

5.    Types of warranty services for hardware

5.1.    Advance replacement

5.2.    Pick-up & Return Service

5.3.    Bring-in & Return Service

5.4.    48h quick repair

5.5.    Check-up

6.    Force Majeure

7.    Exclusion of warranty

8.    Limitation of liability

9.    Passing of claims

10.    Termination

11.    Support provided after warranty

12.    Final provisions

Operating instructions and information on the device

13.    Care instructions

14.    Cleaning and maintenance

15.    Device-specific and component-specific properties

15.1.    Defective pixels

15.2.    Backlight bleeding

15.3.    Coil whine


Overview of warranty and upgrade service packages

Warranty terms and conditions


Schenker Technologies GmbH, based in D-04356 Leipzig, Walter-Koehn-Strasse 2C (hereinafter referred to as “Schenker Tech”, “we”, or “us”) grants end users and companies (hereinafter referred to as “warrantee”, “customer”, or “you”) a warranty of 24 months (included) or 36 months (for a fee) for newly manufactured products of the brands SCHENKER and XMG (hereinafter referred to as the “product”) in accordance with these terms and conditions of warranty, provided the product was purchased within the scope of the warranty

A detailed overview of all products may be found in the list at www.schenker-tech.de/garantie-produkte. Under the terms of warranty, Schenker Tech guarantees that the product will be free from defects in material and workmanship within the defined warranty period. Statutory guarantee rights are not affected by this warranty. The exercise of these rights shall be free of charge for the costumer.

In the event that the product unexpectedly shows a defect or failure within the warranty period, you can contact us via the contact form on the website www.schenker-tech.de or as follows:

Schenker Technologies GmbH
Walter-Köhn-Straße 2C
04356 Leipzig

E-mail: support@schenker-tech.de
Phone: +49 (0) 3 41 - 246 704 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 3 41 - 246 704 - 44

The following terms and conditions of warranty apply to the warranty services:


1.    Content of warranty services

1.1. Subject to the further conditions in accordance with section 3, Schenker Tech grants the warrantee a warranty covering the functionality of the product for the agreed warranty period.

1.2. The warranty covers the hardware components of the product as well as rechargeable batteries (including permanently installed batteries), power supply units and cables, but does not include other accessories such as DVD data carriers, flash drives, etc., or the software used for which an end user license agreement or separate warranty or warranty agreements or claims exist with or against third parties.

1.3. If the product directly loses its functionality when it is used for the first time within the warranty period and not resulting from a defect in non-warranted components within the scope of the warranty, Schenker Tech or an authorized specialist company will repair or replace the product and/or defective component at its own discretion and in compliance with the further specifications set forth in section 3, bearing the costs of labor and material. In that context, professional repair means the replacement or repair of the product by a new, as-new, or reconditioned product or corresponding spare parts, with the product or spare part to be replaced becoming property of Schenker Tech. If, contrary to expectations, repair is possible only at disproportionate cost or not within a reasonable period of time, the purchase price can be refunded on a pro rata basis after the product has been returned and ownership has been retransferred, with the useful life of the product and benefits of use being considered accordingly.

1.4. Repair works covered by the warranty also include testing, measuring and adjustment if required in connection with the repair of a defect under warranty, but does not include maintenance, inspection, cleaning, or care required and/or recommended by us.

1.5. The warranty does not include the assumption of costs for direct or indirect consequential damage (in particular cost of disposal, compensation for lost use, consequential damage to non-warranted product components).

1.6. The warranty does not justify any claims for withdrawal from the purchase contract or reduction or abatement of the purchase price. The warranty does not exclude any claims of the warrantee from warranty and liability regulations.

1.7. The warranty being granted is always subject to verification by Schenker Tech.

2.    Duration and scope of warranty

2.1. The warranty period starts with the date of delivery of the product.

2.2. Depending on the term selected or booked when purchasing the product, the warranty is valid for a period of 24 months (included) or 36 months (for a fee), provided that the product was purchased within the scope of the warranty pursuant to section 2.2.

2.3. A warranty of 12 months is granted for rechargeable batteries (including permanently installed rechargeable batteries) – irrespective of the term selected or booked when the product is purchased – if the product was purchased within the scope of the warranty pursuant to section 2.2.

2.4. You are in general entitled to the warranty and services only after full payment of the relevant hardware and service invoices. In the event of non-payment of outstanding amounts, the entitlement to warranty and service performance shall be suspended until all outstanding items have been settled in full.

2.5. The scope of the warranty extends to all countries where our products can be purchased and/or delivered. To find out whether Pick-up & Return Service or Bring-in & Return Service applies, please refer to the relevant sections 5.2 and 5.3 or to Table 1.

3.    Requirements for warranty claims

3.1. Please keep the invoice (original or copy) carefully to demonstrate your warranty claims. Information provided on the internet or by telephone does not replace the presentation of the documents. The following requirements must be met by the customer in order to claim benefits in accordance with these terms and conditions of warranty.

3.2. Schenker Tech offers customers, on request, an extended warranty of additional 12 months for an additional fee, so that the total warranty period will be 36 months. The fee for the extended warranty depends on the product and must be paid by the customer after the invoice was issued within the payment period stipulated therein.

3.3. Schenker Tech will only provide services under the warranty if and as far as Schenker Tech is notified of a defect or replacement of product components within the warranty period without delay, but no later than one (1) month after the event of damage, indicating the respective defect. Our customer support is available by telephone, e-mail, chat, or contact form to register a warranty claim. For the service hours for registering by telephone and our general contact details, please refer section contact.

3.4. The customer must prove the date of purchase marking the beginning of the warranty period as well as the date of delivery by presenting the invoice (original or copy).

3.5. The customer must provide a clear error description and conduct fault analysis as instructed by our staff. You may find helpful tips for independent troubleshooting in the appropriate FAQ section at www.schenker-tech.de/faq. You will be assigned a reference number (so-called RMA number) upon registration for further processing.

3.6. When a service order is registered, Schenker Tech will promptly check the product upon receipt to determine whether the warranty applies. For that purpose, you must make the product available to us by sending it to one of our service locations or to a third party as designated by us (see Pick-up & Return Service or Bring-in & Return Service in sections 5.2 and 5.3). Do not send the product without the proper postage, without the reference number (RMA number), or without being requested to do so.

3.7. Please make sure that the product is properly packaged for transport, if possible, in the original packaging. If you no longer have the original packaging, please ensure adequate protection against transport damage by means of suitable packaging in order to avoid claims for damages due to inadequate packaging/load securing. This, however, is not a prerequisite for exercising the rights under warranty effectively. Secure the device on all sides and pad any free space, e.g., using bubble wrap. Enclose the RMA slip in the package and tape it well. When returning a desktop PC, please remove the graphic board and pack it separately in the graphic board box included in the delivery or in any other packaging that is suitable and sufficient for shipping. Please note that we cannot send you any packaging material.

3.8. We recommend that you back up your personal data, as we cannot guarantee that the data remain on your SSD or hard disk. Please remove hard disks/SSDs purchased from us only if it is established beyond doubt that neither the data carrier nor the software installed is responsible for the fault. Our warranty does not cover any damage caused by improper removal of components. Please note our further instructions set forth in section 6.

3.9. Schenker Tech reserves the right to refuse warranty service if

  • the model designation or serial number on the product has been altered, removed, or otherwise made illegible;
  • the product is operated with a power source not approved by Schenker Tech; and/or
  • seals affixed to or in the product have been broken and/or obviously tampered with.

3.10. Warranty services will be rendered only if the warrantee follows and observes the operating, cleaning and care instructions for the product as required and/or recommended by Schenker Tech, in particular in accordance with sections 13, 14 and 15 of Schenker Tech’s terms and conditions of warranty and service.

3.11. Schenker Tech furthermore reserves the right to charge a fixed inspection fee if the inspection shows that the warrantee is not entitled to a warranty claim and/or no defect can be found in the product. A fixed inspection fee of 79 € (VAT included) will be charged for the preparation of a non-binding cost estimate. If the cost estimate is accepted, the inspection fee will be waived. In the case of chargeable repairs, we offer a separate warranty and warranty of 12 months from the date of repair or installation on the spare parts used.

4.    Data and data backup

Data backup and other protection of your data is not part of our warranty and service. It is the customer’s own responsibility to protect the data available on the respective product from loss, damage, and/or destruction before handing over the device to Schenker Tech or Schenker Tech‘s agents and, if necessary, to restore the data after the product has been returned. If deletion is not possible due to a defect, we request that you expressly point out that the product contains personal data when processing the warranty.

5.    Types of warranty services for hardware

The following are the types of Schenker Tech warranty service that may apply to the product you have purchased.

5.1. Advance replacement

5.1.1. Advance replacement is a voluntary service. Advance replacement means that a replacement part will arrive at the customer‘s premises within the specified period. For that purpose, please conduct troubleshooting independently or together with the customer support and inform us of the serial number of the defective component. Many details concerning troubleshooting are available in the FAQ section at www.schenker-tech.de/faq.

5.1.2. We will arrange for the replacement item to be dispatched within 3 to 5 days, provided it is in stock. If the delivery is delayed, we will inform you by e-mail.

5.1.3. You may return the original part at our expense, i.e., free of charge if you return the original part within 14 days after receipt of the replacement part in the original or other suitable and sufficient packaging. If you do not arrange for the part to be returned within this period or if you wish to keep the part, it is required that you pay the service invoice in the package.

5.1.4. The advance replacement service includes only those hardware components that are essential for the operation of the product (system-critical components), e.g., SSD, main memory, hard disks, WLAN modules, keyboards, keycaps. Cosmetic parts, housings and housing parts, hinges, flaps, and similar are excluded from the advance replacement service. External drives and peripherals are also excluded from the advance replacement service unless they are specifically included. This list of individual hardware components varies by the model. More detailed information is available from our customer support.

5.1.5. The service applies only to the area of application as specified in section D in Table 1.

5.1.6. In countries outside the EU, the defective item must be shipped at your own expense. The return shipment of the replacement item will be at our expense.

5.1.7. Damage due to insufficient or unsuitable packaging is fully at the expense of the customer and is not included in the advance replacement service.

5.1.8. Scheduled deliveries at specific times, as well as on Sundays, public holidays and Saturdays are expressly not part of the advance replacement service, nor are deliveries by courier. Additional costs for such extras must be borne by you.

5.2. Pick-up & Return Service

5.2.1. In the event of a warranty claim, the Pick-up & Return Service within the European Union covers the cost of transporting your product to Schenker Tech and back to you.

5.2.2. During transport by this service, your product purchased from us is accordingly insured against loss and damage, provided that transport damage is not due to inadequate packaging/load securing. Subsequently installed com- ponents are not included. We therefore recommend that you remove them before you ship the device.

5.2.3. Simply contact our customer support for a return. You may choose following options for returning your product:

  Within Germany Outside Germany
Delivery with return label DHL / Deutsche Post Local post office
Pick-up DHL UPS


5.2.4. We will gladly send you a return link to create a label for DHL or the local post office, which you can use to post the parcel at the nearest post office. You can also use the link to request that the parcel is collected within Germany. If you want the parcel to be collected outside of Germany, we will book it for you free of charge with UPS – all you need to do is inform us about your request.

5.2.5. The service applies only to the area of application specified in Table 1. For countries outside the EU, the Bring-in & Return Service applies. The Pick-up & Return Service therefore does not cover the costs of transport outside the EU.

5.3. Bring-in & Return Service

5.3.1.Within the scope of the Bring-in & Return Service, you must send us the product at your own expense. It will then be repaired or replaced and returned to you. The Bring-in & Return Service covers material costs and labor; you are not entitled to a specific processing time. The return shipment is at our expense.

5.4. 48h quick repair (laptop exclusive)

5.4.1. Within the first six months from the date of delivery, we offer the special “48h quick repair” service free of charge, for which the processing time of warranty claims is a maximum of two working days (Mon - Fri), plus shipping time. That period starts when we receive your product at our service location. That means the product will be available to you again as quickly as possible. After the first six (6) months from the delivery date, the processing time is 14 working days (Mon - Fri), plus shipping time.

5.4.2. As an alternative, you may upgrade the service for a fee to the “Premium” or “Platinum” package to get an extension of the service of up to 180 days from the date of delivery, submitting the original or a copy of the invoice. The “Premium” package extends the service accordingly to 12 months for the free warranty and to a total of 18 months from the date of delivery for the extended warranty. The “Platinum” upgrade package extends the service to the entire term of warranty:

Service level upgrade packages 24 months warranty 36 months warranty
48h quick repair
 (laptop exclusive)
Basic 6 months
Premium 12 months 18 months
Platinum Entire term of warranty


5.4.3. The fee for each upgrade package depends on the product purchased.

5.4.4. An overview of our upgrade packages and the service level is available in Table 1. Simply contact our customer support to request an upgrade.

5.4.5. The service applies only to the area of application as specified in Table 1.

5.5 Check-up

5.5.1. In addition to our service packages, you may purchase a check-up at any time and send in your product for cleaning and maintenance. The service costs 69 € (VAT included) plus shipping costs. This will help you maintain the performance and longevity of your product.

5.5.2. Our technicians will check the entire device for hardware defects. Your laptop or desktop PC will be completely cleaned inside and outside. If necessary, we replace the thermal paste and clean the cooling system. The latest BIOS and EC are installed. If wanted, we can reinstall the operating system and all drivers to restore the factory settings. We do not migrate or backup your personal data. Please make sure that you create a local backup of your personal data before you send us the device. Please note our further information on data and data backup in section 4.

5.5.3. To benefit from the service, simply contact the customer support and make them send you the documents for shipment.

6.    Force Majeure

6.1. Schenker Tech is not liable if the performance of the warranty services in accordance with section 5 is delayed or prevented by representatives or contractual partners of Schenker Tech due to circumstances for which Schenker Tech cannot be held responsible or due to force majeure. Force majeure includes in particular fire, explosion, hurricane, flood, plagues (in particular epidemics or pandemics), extraordinary social unrest, strike and industrial action, as well as any form of government intervention, operational disruptions (including transport) for which Schenker Tech is not responsible and the failure of suppliers to deliver, to deliver correctly or to deliver on time.

6.2. In such cases Schenker Tech is obliged to inform the customer in text form about the force majeure. Schenker Tech‘s non-performance shall be excused (suspended) for the duration of the force majeure. However, if the event of force majeure lasts longer than one month, the warranty and services acquired for value can be cancelled by written notification to Schenker Tech without any claim to compensation. Services received, in particular payments, shall be refunded to the customer in such a case.

7.    Exclusion of warranty

7.1. The warranty applies only to the use of the product within the scope of normal, intended use and not if the installation location of the product is not suitable for proper operation. That is to be assumed in particular if the product is used in damp rooms, in environments with above-average dust levels, if it is not protected from vibrations or if it does not have well-ventilated space on all sides for cooling.

7.2. Schenker Tech does not guarantee unlimited compatibility or usability with peripheral devices, accessories, and additional devices (external drives, monitors, printers, input and control devices, speakers, microphones, cameras, etc.), or uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product, or the proper operation of any hardware-software combinations. Overclocking of any component will void the warranty, with the exception of factory overclockable components or means provided by Schenker Tech.

7.3. The warranty shall be excluded for damages as follows regardless of contributory causes

  • Due to accidents, force majeure, improper, wanton or malicious acts and/or theft and/or causes beyond Schenker Tech‘s control (in particular inadequate ventilation, theft, unauthorized use, robbery, and embezzlement, by direct exposure to animal damage, lightning/rockfall, fire, liquids, chemicals, earthquake or water ingress as well as by smoldering, excessive supply or mains voltage, fire or explosion);
  • Due to acts of war or sovereign intervention (in particular terrorism, civil unrest, vandalism, confiscation, or nuclear energy;
  • Due to changes of the original design/configuration of the product and/or its components (in particular independent product modifications or similar) or due to the installation of other components that are not approved by Schenker Tech.
  • Due to the independent installation of BIOS, EC, and other firmware versions that do not originate from the page assigned to your specific device in the Schenker Tech download portal;
  • Due to the use of a product that is clearly in need of repair, unless the damage is demonstrably not related to the need of repair or the product was at least provisionally repaired by a specialist trained for this purpose at the time of the damage;
  • For which a third party has to take responsibility or the repair of which is conducted within the scope of Schenker Tech‘s goodwill or which are attributed to a manufacturing or material defect which occurs in large numbers in the respective product (series defect) and for which Schenker Tech‘s goodwill can generally be considered in terms of type and frequency.

7.4. The warranty does not apply to damage and/or changes caused to the product and/or individual product components by:

  • Negligence and/or improper use (in particular misuse of the product and/or failure to observe the operating and installation instructions as well as care and device instructions in accordance with sections 13, 14 and 15 of these terms and conditions of warranty and service);
  • Viruses and/or use of third-party and/or malicious software (in particular software that was not included in the scope of delivery or was installed improperly);
  • Using the product with other systems, hardware components and/or devices not approved by Schenker Tech;
  • Using the product with third-party devices, accessories that are not designed and approved for use with the product provided by Schenker Tech;
  • Effects on the cooling system (The thermal paste may only be changed by technicians certified by Schenker Tech). For more information, please visit www.schenker-tech.de/faq.
  • Repairs and/or attempted repairs conducted by specialist companies other than those authorized by Schenker Tech and/or Schenker Tech; and/or
  • Modifications and/or adaptations to the product without the prior written consent of Schenker Tech.

7.5. Furthermore, the warranty granted does not cover:

  • The provision of replacement or loaned device free of charge during the processing of a warranty claim; and/or
  • Regular maintenance and/or repair and/or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear; for that purpose, Schenker Tech offers the check-up for a fee as set forth in section 5.5; and/or
  • Repair or replacement of parts of free additions to your product.

8.    Limitation of liability

8.1. Within the scope of the warranty and services, Schenker Tech shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage of tangible or intangible nature (such as purchase price, loan or rental equipment, loss of data, downtime, unavailability of the product or any product components or similar) arising directly and/or indirectly from the assumption of the warranty or otherwise.

8.2. Schenker Tech shall not be liable in the event of damage to and/or loss of software programs, virus attack and/or other causes related to the software.

8.3. If individual provisions of these terms and conditions of warranty contradict applicable law in whole or in part, the warranty service or the liability of Schenker Tech shall be limited to the duration of this warranty to the extent permitted by the applicable law. Schenker Tech‘s liability shall be limited to the current value of the product, at the most though to its purchase value.

8.4. Regular backup of data is required when using computer systems. Necessary data backups including application and operating system software is your sole responsibility.

8.5. Schenker Tech‘s liability for data loss and any resulting damage shall be expressly excluded.

9.    Passing of claims

9.1. The warranty is related to the device and is transferable within the warranty period.

9.2. If the product is sold, the warranty claims shall pass to the next owner together with the ownership of the product, provided that the latter notifies Schenker Tech of the change of buyer within the warranty period in a suitable form (proof of the date of purchase and delivery and the invoice – either the original document or a copy).

10.    Termination

Schenker Tech shall be entitled to terminate the warranty and the services without notice if the warrantee fails to fulfil a material contractual obligation or violates the provisions of these terms and conditions of warranty and service.

11.    Support provided after warranty

11.1. Our customer support is available free of charge for the entire service life of your device.

11.2. Within the first month after the warranty has expired, we will inspect a device to be repaired free of charge. However, repair can only be conducted liable to pay a charge. We will submit a cost estimate for that purpose. From the second month after the warranty has expired, we charge a flat-rate inspection fee of € 79 (VAT included) plus shipping costs. The inspection fee includes the fault analysis, the shipping costs are excluded. This amount will become due for payment only if the cost estimate prepared by our certified service technicians is rejected.

11.3. In the event of fee-based repairs, we offer a separate guarantee and warranty of 12 months for spare parts from the date of repair or installation.

12.    Final provisions

12.1. Verbal subsidiary agreements and/or additional agreements do not exist.

12.2. Notifications and declarations by the warrantee shall be sent to Schenker Tech in text form, unless stipulated otherwise.

12.3. The terms and conditions of warranty and service are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding the provisions regarding the international private law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). For consumers, the choice of law shall apply only as far as the protection granted by mandatory provisions of the law of the state of the consumer‘s habitual residence is not withdrawn by that.

12.4. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes between Schenker Tech and the warrantee arising from or in connection with these warranty and service conditions is the registered office of Schenker Tech, if you are not a consumer but a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a legal entity under public law. The same applies if you do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany or the EU or if your place of residence or habitual abode is unknown at the time the action is brought. That does not affect mandatory statutory provisions.

12.5. In case of doubt or dispute, the German version of the terms and conditions of warranty and service shall prevail.

Operating instructions and information on the device


In the following, we explain how to maintain the longevity of your product, including care instructions, tips for regular maintenance and internal and external cleaning. To learn how to open your device, please refer to our YouTube channel odor to the respective service manual in our download portal at download.schenker-tech.de. Further below, we will also provide an overview of device-specific and component-specific features. If you have any further questions on these topics, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

13.    Care instructions

Please observe the following information.

13.1. To ensure a long service life, to prevent damage and to avoid risking your statutory rights in the event of defects or warranty claims, please make sure that the product is used in accordance with the operating and installation instructions or the manual.

13.2. Avoid any violent impact or mechanical changes to physical surfaces. Operate the device only on solid and level surfaces.

13.3. Do not expose the device to damp areas, dusty environments, or vibrations. Make sure that there is ventilated space on all sides of the product for cooling and that fans or ventilation slots are not covered.

13.4. The permissible ambient temperature to operate the device is between 5 and 35 °C. Avoid internal and external exposure to liquids, chemicals, and other substances, flooding, excessive heat or cold, inadequate ventilation, surges, radiation, electrostatic discharge (including lightning) and other external forces or influences.

13.5. Avoid using the product with external components, accessories, and other additional devices that are incompatible with Schenker Tech’s product.

13.6. To prevent display damage, we recommend always using the enclosed protective cloth when closing the laptop.

14.    Cleaning and maintenance

14.1. The necessity and frequency of cleaning the product depends on the type of use, the duration of use and the intensity of use. As a general rule, it is recommended to keep the device free of grease, dust, and nicotine at all times. Clean the product only when it is switched off, cool, and disconnected from the mains.

14.2. The product is equipped with a modern high-quality display. For maintenance, we recommend regular cleaning with a clean, damp – never wet – microfiber cloth. Under no circumstances should liquid get between the display and the display frame or into the housing.

14.3. Ventilation/cooling

14.3.1. The high-performance systems by Schenker Tech require regular maintenance in the area of the cooling system, as dust may deposit and accumulate, depending on how the device is used. We recommend basic cleaning every four months. Proper opening of the bottom shell does not result in any loss of rights in the event of defects or loss of warranty. Dismantling of housing parts and cooling elements that goes beyond opening the bottom shell must be conducted only by Schenker Tech customer support or authorized third parties.

14.3.2. To clean the fans and radiators, we recommend using compressed air spray. In particular, dust from the inside of the cooling fins (the side facing the fan) should be removed. Please block the rotors of the fans carefully with a finger to avoid over-tensioning and damage to bearings or components. It is recommended that you first use a brush or cotton swab to loosen dirt that is more firmly bonded.

14.4. Rechargeable battery

14.4.1. Please follow the manufacturer‘s instructions for operating and charging the battery. Do not expose it to external heat. In order to achieve the best possible service life, we recommend that you do not allow the battery to run down to 0 percent too often. Connect a power supply unit (or shut down the laptop) at the latest when the operating system shows the clear warning at 7 percent capacity.

14.4.2. To enable you to use the power socket permanently, many devices provide the BIOS setting “FlexiCharger”, where you can limit the maximum charge level to e.g., 80 percent if you use your laptop stationary as a desktop replacement. If the BIOS does not offer the option, we have built in an analogue setting in our Control Centre for many devices., where you can set the “stationary mode”.

14.4.3. Use either the power supply unit supplied by Schenker Tech or a replacement power supply unit purchased from us for charging. Meanwhile, some devices can also be charged via USB-C. Please refer to the technical data of the laptop to find out whether your device has the Power Delivery function and which voltage you require for charging. For more information about that, please refer to the FAQ section at www.schenker-tech.de/faq.

15.    Device-specific and component-specific properties

15.1. Defective pixels

15.1.1. Defective pixels occur in LCD screens due to technology and production and cannot be entirely avoided. A Full HD display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, e.g., consists of 2.07 million individual screen cells controlled by tiny transistors; an Ultra HD display with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels has 8.29 million. Given such a gigantic number, it is possible that, despite the highest quality standards, individual cells do not function perfectly and are permanently switched on or off. The result is constantly on or constantly black pixels on the display.

15.1.2. The ISO standard 9241-307 defines quality classes in this respect and thus ensures transparency with regard to warranty and guarantee claims of end customers, dealers, and wholesalers against manufacturers. By committing to an ISO fault class, manufacturers of monitors undertake to comply with the respective standard in series production. The pixel fault classes are based – as explained in the table below – on the number of defective pixels and the specific fault type. The number of defective pixels is defined per one million pixels. The following three defect types are distinguished:

  • Type 1: hot pixel (always on, meaning white)
  • Type 2: dead pixel (always off, meaning black)
  • Type 3: defective sub-pixel either always on (red, green, blue) or always off (black)

The fault classes according to ISO are defined as follows:

Fault classes Max. number Type 1 Max. number Type 2 Max. number Type 3
I 1 1 2-5
II 2 2 5-10
III 5 15 50
IV 50 150 500


15.1.3. All notebooks sold by Schenker Tech are Class II unless specified otherwise.

15.1.4. Software or driver conflicts as well as thermal problems (overheating of the imagegenerating hardware, overclocking or poor ventilation) may also lead to defective pixels. Defective pixels within the maximum permissible range do not constitute a fault in the sense of warranty or guarantee. If there are more than the maximum permissible defective pixels on your display, please contact us by e-mail, submitting a picture and details of the number and type of defective pixels.

15.2. Backlight bleeding

15.2.1. What is backlight bleeding?

Backlight bleeding is the term used to describe bright halos or bright areas on the monitor that are primarily visible when viewing dark content, such as in games or films. The halos usually occur at the edge of the display and are caused by the different arrangement of liquid crystals in the display, which allow varying amounts of light to pass through.

15.2.2. Why does backlight bleeding occur?

IPS displays consist of several layers that are precisely superimposed at different angles. Even minimal deviations in the layering can trigger a slight pressure inside the display that shifts the liquid crystals slightly. This allows more light to pass through in some places than in others. The resulting halos are called bleeding.

15.2.3. What can I do to against backlight bleeding?

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done about this phenomenon. Even changing the display will not solve the problem of backlight bleeding. Returning the device is therefore unnecessary in most of the cases. Schenker Tech sets high quality standards in the production of its products, which keep the effects for the user as low as possible. For technical reasons, however, it is impossible to exclude backlight bleeding entirely. It is often observed that this diminishes in the first few months after the laptop was produced.

15.3. Coil whine

15.3.1. What is coil whine?

Technically speaking, coil whine refers to an unwanted noise produced by an electronic component that vibrates when current flows through an electrical conductor or circuit. That can manifest itself as high-frequency beeping, but also as low-frequency crackling or buzzing. All these electromagnetically induced acoustic phenomena are summarized in the text below as “coil whine”.

15.3.2. Why does coil whine occur?

Just about everything connected to a power source can produce a certain degree of vibration. That is usually caused by electric current flowing through a power-regulating component such as a transformer and its electrical wiring vibrating at a variable frequency. That happens in almost all electrical devices, usually at a frequency and volume that is inaudible to humans.

15.3.3. What can I do against coil whine?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about coil whine. It is a physical property of the device. For technical reasons, it is impossible to eliminate it entirely.

Especially in the graphics board sector, the problem has increased in recent years. Graphics boards have become hungrier for energy and require increasingly complex circuits to supply them with the correct voltages and currents even during peak loads. That increased demand for assembly parts is in conflict with a global shortage of MLCC capacitors, which has been keeping the industry on its toes since around 2018 (keyword: MLCC shortage). The bottleneck has hardly improved in the last years, it has rather become worse. In the development of PCB layouts, manufacturers are therefore striving to minimize the demand for MLCC per PCB, which means that the manufacturers lose some leeway that could be used to minimize coil whining by sharing the load.

Some purpose-related surveys we conducted among customers in recent years have shown that coil whine often decreases with the device’s lifetime – especially if it was noticeably loud at the beginning of the device‘s lifetime. The reduction of the volume of the electroacoustic noise cannot be guaranteed – especially since different people subjectively perceive things differently. But it does at least offer the prospect that coil whine experienced at the beginning may subside over time (the same applies to backlight bleeding, by the way, which usually subsides after a few weeks and months).

If your device shows distinct coil whine, then there is formally nothing to worry about at first. The noise is a by-product of the normal operation of your laptop or desktop PC. Coil whine will not cause your system to lose performance or affect the longevity of the product..





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