Individual logos, images and lettering on your laptop, desktop PC or tablet

Integrate your corporate design into your individual mobile IT hardware to provide maximum impact and a professional appearance. Schenker Technologies offers you the opportunity to individualize the plain plastic or metal surfaces of your laptops, desktop PCs or tablets purchased via - including both printed and lasered company logos, custom lettering or images.

Whether on the desk of your office reception, in the hands of sales representatives or service technicians on site at your customers' premises; presenting IT hardware with a unified corporate aesthetic not only leaves a professional and lasting impression on your existing customers but also attracts the attention of potential new clients and business partners.

We offer two options, depending on the material used in your personal device and the color options you require. The single-color laser process enables us to engrave even the most complex of patterns on metal surfaces, whilst our multicolor UV printer can be used to apply full multicolor images, photos, logos or lettering on plastic surfaces.

The main two areas of customization are the rear panel of the display on a laptop or tablet and the front/side panel of a desktop PC. However, even smaller areas such as above the keyboard on a laptop can be printed or lasered upon request.

For all devices with custom printing or laser engraving, we use chassis without either the SCHENKER or XMG logos. As such, your custom design will be the only logo, text or artwork on your device which provides exclusivity for your own branding.

In addition, we are able to provide all computers with printed type plates and rating labels. Our individualization service therefore offers a full bespoke solution, enabling your company to distribute laptops and PCs as your own branded products.

Our graphics department will be happy to assist you with processing and optimising your graphic files, including the conversion to the file format accepted by our printing and laser machines. If, on the other hand, you are already able to provide your desired image or logo in one of the following file formats, we can offer you the initial setup at a lower price:
» .eps (Encapsulated Postscript)
» .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
» .dxf (Drawing Interchange Format)
» .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics)
» .pdf vectorized (Portable Document Format)


Setup laser: 15,00 € * (excl. VAT)
Setup printing: 25,00 € * (excl. VAT)
Logo processing & setup laser & printing: 45,00 € ** (excl. VAT)
Laser engraving: 45,00 € (excl. VAT)
Printing: 65,00 € (excl. VAT)
(Volume discounts for bulk or repeat orders are available upon request)

* The setup fee is only charged once per graphic and is therefore not applicable when ordering several laptop/PC/tablet models or for subsequent orders.

** will be charged if your logo/artwork does not comply with the file formats listed above.

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