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  1. HTC VIVE Tracker 3.0
    HTC VIVE Tracker 3.0 Virtual Reality Motion Controller

    › Bring real objects into VR experiences
    › Operation via SteamVR interface
    › Battery life: 7.5 hours
    › Weight: 75g 

  2. HTC VIVE Facial Tracker
    HTC VIVE Facial Tracker Virtual Reality Addon

    › Capture true-to-life facial expressions and mouth movement
    › Dual camera system for high precision
    › Sub-10 milliseconds response time
    › Compatible with HTC VIVE Pro & Pro Eye

  3. Roto -  Interactive VR Chair
    Roto - Interactive VR Chair

    › Ergonomic Seat Design for ultimate Comfort
    › Motorised Base that turns you to face the Action
    › Integrated Rumble Technology
    › Racing Pack and other Accessories sold seperately

  4. UVISAN Small VR12
    UVISAN Small VR12 UV-C Disinfection Cabinet

    › Sanitise your Equipment in 5 Minutes
    › Charge, store and sanitise up to 12 VR Headsets
    › Disinfect 30 Tablets or 6 Laptops at once
    › Inbuilt charging station allows simultaneous charging

  5. Manus SteamVR Pro Tracker
    Manus SteamVR Pro Tracker Professional SteamVR Tracking

    › Universal Mounting System
    › Battery duration: 4,5 hours
    › Interchangeable Battery
    › Weight: only 62 grams

  6. ICAROS Home
    ICAROS Home VR Training Device

    › Your personal Active Virtual Reality System
    › Effective Training of Balance & Coordination
    › Compatible with VR Hedasets, Monitors or Tablets
    › Numerous Training and Gaming Apps available

  7. bestware VR Case
    bestware VR Case All-in-one Koffer für VR-Hardware

    › Secure transport of laptop, HTC VIVE & accessories
    › Custom-fit foam-protected compartments
    › Dust-, air- and waterproof, impact-resistant and stackable
    › Inluded Equipment according to configuration

    from 599,00 €

  8. Leap Motion
    Leap Motion VR Dev Bundle

    › Input Controller for ultra-precise Hand Tracking
    › Enables direct Interaction with VR Content
    › 135 ° Field of View create a large interactive Space
    › Incl. Leap Motion Mount for VR headsets


  9. HTC VIVE Tracker (2018)
    HTC VIVE Tracker Virtual Reality Add-on
    › External sensor to track real objects in VR
    › Integration via SteamVR interface
    › Wireless data transmission
    › Fits standard 1/4" threaded mounting points
  10. TrackStrap-Paar für HTC VIVE Tracker
    TrackStrap Pair for HTC VIVE Tracker

    › 2 straps for affixing the HTC VIVE Tracker
    › e.g. on wrists, feet or objects
    › Ideal for full body tracking & motion capture
    › HTC VIVE Tracker not included

  11. HTC VIVE Pro Basisstation
    HTC VIVE Pro Base Station SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Lighthouse

    › 1 Base Station for HTC VIVE Pro (SteamVR Tracking 2.0)
    › Incl. Power Adapter (3,5m)
    › Up to 10 x 10m Tracking Space
    › Fits standard 1/4" threaded mounting points

  12. HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter (Full Pack)
    HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter (Full Pack) Virtual Reality Add-on

    › Compatible with VIVE, VIVE Pro- and VIVE Cosmos Series
    › Requires available PCIe slot in PC
    › Battery Life: Up to 2.5 hours
    › Includes VIVE Wireless Adapter, battery and belt clip, WiGig PCIe-card and connection cables

  13. HTC VIVE Pro Controller
    HTC VIVE Pro Controller SteamVR Tracking 2.0

    › 1 replacement Input-Controller for HTC VIVE Pro
    › Wirst lanyard for safe usage
    › incl. micro-USB cable and power adaptor
    › Battery capacity: 960 mAh

  14. HTC VIVE Cosmos - SteamVR Tracking Faceplate
    HTC VIVE Cosmos - SteamVR Tracking Faceplate
    › Addon for HTC VIVE Cosmos
    › For upgrading to external SteamVR tracking
    › Easy replacement without tools possible
    › Contains only SteamVR tracking faceplate
  15. Sparkfox VR-Headset Stand
    Sparkfox VR-Headset Stand

    › Universal stand for VR headsets and accessories
    › E.g. HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Windows MR
    › Incl. convenient cable management system
    › Ideal for public VR demonstrations

  16. 99H12209-00 VIVE Wireless Adapter Akkus
    HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter - Powerbank

    › Additional battery for HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter
    › Battery Life: up to 2.5 hours (21 Wh)
    › Quick Charge 3.0
    › USB-C cable for charging included

  17. Manfrotto 5001B Nano Tripod
    Manfrotto 5001B Nano Tripod

    › Strong, but lightweight extendable aluminium tripod
    › Perfect accessory for mobile HTC VIVE setups
    › Pack size: 49 cms
    › Maximum height: 190 cms

  18. Movoja Stativkopf mit Kugelgelenk
    Movoja Tripod Ball Head

    › 360° panning tripod ball head for panoramic photography
    › With locking knob for tilt angles up to 90°
    › Ideal accessory for HTC VIVE Base Station on tripod
    › 1/4" male thread (top) | 1/4" female thread (bottom)

  19. VIVE Pro Always-on Link Box
    VIVE Pro Always-on Link Box

    › The link between the VIVE Pro headset and your computer
    › Version: Always-on 
    › In: miniDP, USB, Power | Out: 3-in-1 VIVE Pro cable
    › Power adapter not included

  20. HTC VIVE Pro Backpack-PC Kabel & Linkbox
    HTC VIVE Pro Backpack-PC Cable & Linkbox

    › All-in-on Cable for HTC VIVE Pro (Length: ca. 0,5 m)
    › Ideal for usage at Backpack PCs
    › incl. HTC VIVE Pro Always-on Linkbox


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