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XMG OASIS laptop water cooling: High-end cooling

With the XMG OASIS portable laptop water cooling system, XMG redefines the boundaries of laptop cooling. Say goodbye to the restrictions of conventional notebook cooling systems. With the OASIS, you get the ideal balance of maximum performance and unrivalled quiet operation under full load for your gaming laptop!

As an optional accessory, the XMG OASIS is not a prerequisite for operating a compatible notebook. But it does bring you some decisive advantages.


Optimum cooling capacity

Moderne Gaming-Notebooks verwenden immer leistungsstärkere, schnelle Komponenten in kompakten und mobilen Gehäusen. Die XMG OASIS sorgt dafür, dass Prozessor und Grafikkarte in Deinem wassergekühlten Laptop deutlich kühler bleiben. Das gilt insbesondere bei maximaler Auslastung und beim Gaming.


Finally, quiet laptops for gaming and content creation

Thanks to the extended cooling capacity, a setup consisting of a gaming laptop and external laptop water cooling works significantly quieter than the laptop alone. This is true even if it already has an outstanding air cooling system like the high-end laptops of the XMG NEO series. The XMG NEO 16 (E23) and the XMG NEO 17 (E23) are currently the most powerful models from XMG.

XMG OASIS Laptop-Wasserkühlung

Say goodbye to loud fans and enjoy an immersive gaming experience without distractions. Silent gaming with a laptop is now real! But even if you're a content creator who needs maximum performance for demanding video editing or 3D rendering, the XMG OASIS lets you work in a more focused, quiet environment.

Get the maximum performance out of your gaming laptop

With the XMG OASIS, you can unleash the last reserves of power in your notebook in scenarios where the maximum possible CPU and GPU performance is required. The reason for this: components such as your laptop processor and your laptop graphics card can maintain their maximum boost clock for longer.

How does the XMG OASIS work?

As a convenient cooling system, the XMG OASIS consists of two components. On the one hand, there is the external water cooling system for laptops itself, which is constructed similarly to an AIO water cooling system for desktop PCs. A pump, a radiator including fan and the water reservoir are located in the OASIS in a compact and lightweight housing. This means you can easily take it along with your notebook in your backpack if necessary.

On the other hand, every OASIS Ready laptop has a water pipe that runs over the heat pipes in the laptop and absorbs the waste heat from the components. Cold water from the connected XMG OASIS is directed through the water pipe on one side to the cooling system of the laptop and comes out the other side as warm water.


Simple connection, intelligent fan control

You can easily connect the XMG OASIS to any compatible laptop. Setup is simple and a bottle of distilled water is included with every water cooler supplied. Intelligent fan control ensures seamless interaction between the OASIS and the laptop. The laptop automatically detects in the XMG Control Center when the water cooling system is connected and adjusts the speed of the notebook fans, because the OASIS takes over the main work from this point on.

In the following video, XMG presents the XMG OASIS in detail and shows how the notebook water cooling works:

Buy XMG OASIS at bestware

At bestware, you can easily select the XMG OASIS as an optional accessory in the laptop configurator for compatible models. However, you also have the option of buying the water cooling system separately and retrofitting an existing, compatible laptop with it. First introduced in early 2021, the XMG OASIS is constantly being developed and improved. Thus, depending on the generation, the range of XMG OASIS Ready laptops includes laptops with Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors as well as graphics cards up to GeForce RTX 4090 or Geforce RTX 3080 Ti.

Are you interested in buying the optional, portable water cooling system for laptops at a later date for an existing notebook? Then you will find exact information on the compatibility of the different OASIS models on the pages. In the data sheet for the respective laptop water cooling you will also find the information "XMG OASIS Rev". This indicates which version it is.

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