History of Schenker Technologies GmbH

January 2002 Founding of Schenker Notebooks as owner-operated one-man business by Robert Schenker in Leipzig: Initial manufacturing takes place in the living space, distribution through Ebay.  

May 2003 Entry of Melchior Franke into the company: Todays co-owner joins Robert Schenker. 

August 2003 First expansion of production: By setting up a dedicated assembly room, the production  moves to a more professional environment. 

September 2003 Start of own Webshop mySN.de: This sales platform and interface to customers is an essential distribution channel until 2018.  

December 2003 Relocation of Schenker Notebooks: The company rents their first, own offices. 

February 2004 Expansion of office space: Rising sales figures lead to the renting of additional office space (63,5 m2). 

February 2007 Award by Intel: Schenker Notebooks joins the premium-partner-program. 

July 2007 First presentation of a quality award by the trade press: The trade journal Chip selected the Schenker Notebook mySN M570RU as its test winner in the category Desktop-Replacement (DTR). 

March 2008 First exhibition appearance: As a cooperation partner Schenker Notebooks joins Intel as co-exhibitor. 

August 2008 First visit of a gaming event as an exhibitor: At the last Games Convention on the Leipzig exhibition ground Schenker presents themselves to the gaming community. 

October 2008 Relocation to new office spaces: At this point Schenker Notebooks employs seven employees.

February 2009 Recreation of the brand XMG (Xtreme Mobile Gaming): The individually configurable notebooks went from being an insider tip in the gaming scene to an established brand on the market. 

May 2009 Entry of Dirk Heynig: Todays co-director starts to build an indirect distribution. 

March 2010 First own exhibition stand: During Cebit Schenker presents themselves with their first own booth in the gaming area in hall 23 in the course of the Intel Extreme Masters.  

August 2010 First appearance at the Gamescom in Cologne: The company shows their products at a partner booth together with well known gaming periphery manufacturer Roccat.  

August 2011 Founding of tronic5 GmbH from Schenker Notebooks and tronic5 Mobile Computer GmbH: Their initial Shop Cyber System merges into mySN.de. 

March 2013 Founding of tronic5 business group: The tronic5 Schenker Notebooks GmbH becomes Schenker Technologies GmbH. 

March 2013 Recreation of the brand SCHENKER: The diversified portfolio of reliable laptops and desktop PCs is based on the specific needs of professional users. 

August 2014 Presentation of the XMG PRIME at Gamescom: The first, own Desktop-Gaming-PC successfully complements the solely on laptops focussed portfolio. 

August 2014 Cooperation with Gigabyte in the laptop area: Selected models of Gigabyte complement the supply of own brands in shop. 

May 2015 Relocation to a new company building in Leipzig: Sales, production and administration move to a 2000 m2 area with modern office-, production- and logisticsspace. 

January 2016 Gaming is coming home: As co-organizer of the DreamHack in Leipzig SCHENKER Technologies brings the internationally renowned eSports- and LAN-Party-Event to Germany, with great success. 

February 2016 Presentation of the first, professional desktop workstations by the brand SCHENKER: The uncompromisingly powerful SCHENKER DESKTOP-Series is mainly diretected towards professional creatives and CAD users. 

June 2016 First step of a continuously growing engagement in the area of innovative VR technologies: As one of only few, official partners Schenker Technologies becomes an official reseller of the HTC VIVE on the german market.  

August 2016 Presentation of the VR backpack XMG Walker: The battery-operated backpack PC allows the use of VR headsets with maximum mobility and no restrictions because of the maximum length of the connection cables to a PC. 

August 2017 Cooperation with TPCAST: Schenker Technologies includes the adapter for wireless use of the HTC VIVE into the shop. 

August 2017 Expansion of the cooperation with HTC: Schenker Technologies becomes an europe-wide distributor of the HTC VIVE in the business edition. 

August 2017 Cooperation with ZOTAC: The mini PC barebones can be bought in the shop as fully functional, customer configured and pre-installed systems. 

October 2017 Start of a new production area for laser engraving: Business customers get the oppurtunity for laptop and desktop personalization through high quality engravings on metal surfaces. 

November 2017 Merging with OVRLAB: Schenker Technologies joins the newly founded Full Service XR-Agency, which supports companies in realizing creative and commercial projects in the area of extended reality, as a third, involved partner next to LeFx and VRBits.

December 2017 Cooperation with PNY Technologies: Due to this cooperaion we can offer mobile workstation laptops based on professional Quadro graphics chips by NVIDIA for the first time. 

April 2018 Expansion of the production area for personalization of laptops and desktops with an UV printer: This printer allows for finishing of synthetic surfaces. 

September 2018 Start of the new platform bestware.com: As a future third big brand, next to SCHENKER and XMG, Schenker Technologies introduces a new shopping platform, which matches the needs of continuous expansion of the portfolio and the changing orientation of the company. 

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