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Pre-order status of the HP Reverb G2 


We by now have received a fixed roadmap for our deliveries from HP. Therefore, we would like to inform you again about the status of your HP Reverb G2 pre-order.

With the first two deliveries that we’ll receive on December 4th, we will be able to supply the first 30% of our pre-orders - which includes pre-orders until July 15th at 10:00 PM. Pre-orderers up to this point can expect delivery of the HP Reverb G2 starting from December 7th .

With the third delivery, which is expected to arrive on December 8th, we can serve the pre-orders up to and including 30.07. at 12:00 noon. This corresponds to 25% of our total volume. Pre-orderers from this period (July 15th, 10:01 PM to July 30th, 12:00 noon) can expect their HP Reverb G2 starting from December 10th.

With the fourth delivery, which we are currently expecting on December 14th and will comprise 12% of our order volume, pre-orders of the period 30th July 12:01 PM until July 31st 5:40 PM can be served and should expect a delivery from December 16th onwards.

Pre-orders after this point in time should note that two thirds of our order volume only come from July and pre-orders of whole August and September can be delivered directly afterwards with our fifth delivery from HP and most likely within calendar weeks 52 and 53. Due to the Christmas holidays, there may be logistical delays in delivery by the shipping courier, which is why we will contact you again separately soon.

Pre-orders from October and November should currently be able to expect delivery in the first weeks of January. We’ll get in touch with you again as soon as we have more precise information.

Please also note that if your delivery address is outside of Germany you should expect 2-7 days shipping time to your doorstep - depending on the country you live in. As soon as the goods leave our warehouse, you will receive a shipment note including a tracking code from us to track the progress of your delivery with DHL or UPS.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize again for the inconvenience, but above all also thank you for your patience. After HP struggled with some initial bottlenecks and the global allocation of the Reverb G2, which led to the recent delays, production is now running at full speed and nothing stands in the way of a smooth delivery within a feasible frame of time.

Best Regards,
Your bestware team

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