HTC VIVE Full Face Tracker

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› Magnetic Attachment
› 2 Cameras for Eye Tracking (120 Hz)
› 1 Camera for Facial Tracking (60 Hz)
› Automatic IPD Adjustment


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Mono tracking face camera

The tracker captures facial expressions through 38 different aperture shapes on the lips, jaw, cheeks, chin, teeth and tongue. With a tracking rate of 60Hz, facial movements and expressions are reproduced realistically, ensuring lifelike interaction in the virtual world.

Dual-tracking eye cameras

Equipped with a dual camera setup that captures eye movements and positions, including gaze direction, pupil size and eye opening. This enables precise and intuitive control and interaction within the VR environment.

Magnetic attachment

The VIVE Full Face Tracker is easy to install. This lightweight add-on attaches magnetically to the headset with ease. It connects directly to the VIVE XR Elite via a USB-C port without the need for an additional cable. This user-friendly installation method makes the VIVE Full Face Tracker a practical and efficient accessory for your VR experience.

Automatic IPD setting

The VIVE Full Face Tracker features an automatic IPD adjustment that automatically detects the user's interpupillary distance (IPD) and makes the necessary adjustments for visual clarity. An internal motor adjusts the IPD of the VIVE XR Elite without affecting the existing IPD range of the headset. This feature allows the headset to be easily shared between multiple users without the need to manually adjust the IPD each time.

Foveated Rendering

GPU optimization
Use the eye-tracking function for dynamic foveated rendering. Optimize rendering performance for what's in the user's line of sight, not the edges. It also improves VIVE Business streaming with foveated compression.

Product Overview

VIVE Full Face Tracker - Eye and Face Tracking for VIVE XR Elite

Package Contents

VIVE Full Face Tracker
VR Face Gasket
Gasket Spacer x 2
Quick Start Guide
Safety Guide
Warranty Card

Technical Specifications

Compatibility: VIVE XR Elite
Attachment: Magnetic
Connectivity: USB Type-C
Weight: Full Face Tracker: 80g +/-5g, Gasket Spacer: 4.8g +/-10%, VR Face Gasket: 32g +/-10%

Eye Tracking Specifications

Gaze Data Output Frequency (binocular): 120 Hz
Accuracy: 0.5°~1.1°
Calibration: 5 Points
Data Output: Timestamp, Gaze Origin, Gaze Direction, Pupil Position, Pupil Diameter, Eye Opening, Blink Detector

Facial Tracking Specifications

Sensor: Mono Camera @60Hz
Game Engine Support: Unity, Unreal Engine, Native Support
SDK Support: VIVE WAVE and OpenXR SDK, OpenXR and OpenVR SDK

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