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The best gaming accessories: the equipment you really need!

Gaming and video games are among the most popular hobbies. Increasingly powerful gaming laptops and gaming PCs maximum FPS in all your PC games, even at high resolutions. However, it's the right gaming accessories that make the difference between an ordinary gaming experience and an unforgettable gaming adventure.

With a precise gaming mouse, a low-latency gaming monitor and a responsive gaming keyboard, you'll be one click ahead of your opponents in every scenario. Naturally, the perfect PC gaming accessories should also include a high-quality gaming headset and stylish RGB lighting. We'll show you what equipment you need to transform your laptop or desktop PC into an optimally equipped gaming setup and play like an esports professional.


Which gaming accessories to buy? Your guide for maximum gaming fun!

Passionate gamers know: Nothing beats performance. This also applies to the choice of peripherals. bestware is an online shop where you can buy from a wide selection of the best accessories for gaming.

In addition to the fastest laptops and desktop PCs, you will find the ideal complementary equipment to take your gaming experience to the next level.


Gaming mouse: Fast response and maximum accuracy

Precise mice for gamers with high resolution (DPI), LED or laser sensors, and a high polling rate give you maximum control in any game. When buying a mouse, ensure that it fits the size of your hand and your grip style. At we therefore recommend which mice are suitable for players with claw grip, fingertip grip, or palm grip.

Gaming accessories - lamzu gaming mouse

Weight is a question of taste. Some gamers prefer a mouse that is as light as possible for fatigue-free continuous use. Others appreciate a heavier weight for more precise control. Before buying, you should also consider whether you would prefer a wired or wireless mouse for PC gaming.


Gaming mouse pad: Precise gliding for optimum control

The right mouse pad is an indispensable companion for your gaming mouse. That's why you'll find the right solution in the gaming accessories section of bestware. Only a gaming mouse pad offers you optimum gliding characteristics and the ultimate precision, as the mouse sensor can scan the surface with pixel-perfect accuracy.

A non-slip rubber underside is important so that the pad always stays in place. The upper side is usually made of plastic or cloth to enable low-friction gliding. Particularly hard-wearing, high-quality gaming mouse pads have stitched edges. This ensures that the mouse pad is more durable and does not fray at the edges over time.


Gaming keyboard: Precise inputs and additional useful functions for games

Many gaming notebooks, such as the XMG laptops, feature an excellent keyboard that is ideal for gaming. Some even integrate a mechanical laptop keyboard with CHERRY MX switches.

However, an additional keyboard is an essential gaming accessory for every PC. But a separate PC keyboard also offers you additional features and benefits for a notebook. These include additional keys such as media or macro keys due to the larger format.

In terms of price and performance, you can choose from a wide range of gaming-grade keyboards at bestware: from inexpensive gaming keyboards with quiet rubber dome switches to high-end models with mechanical switches and different click characteristics. While a tenkeyless keyboard (TKL) is particularly compact and easy to use, a full-size keyboard offers you additional keys and a particularly wide range of functions.

Tip: When buying a gaming keyboard, make sure that it has all the features you need for maximum gaming fun. These include:

  • Anti-ghosting, which prevents malfunctions when several keys are pressed simultaneously
  • (Multi-) key rollover or even N-key rollover so that you can press several or all keys at the same time
  • Macro keys so that you can program frequently used functions in your game, such as the consecutive pressing of several keys (sequences), as a macro on a single key
  • Freely programmable RGB per-key illumination not only allows stunning effects but also the colour highlighting of particularly important keys and ensures excellent readability.


Gamepad for playing on a PC or laptop

Playing with a PC controller can be a convenient alternative to a mouse and keyboard. With such an input device, also known as a gamepad, you can play on a laptop or desktop computer just like on a console such as the Sony Playstation or Microsoft Xbox.

gaming keyboard of a gaming laptop

The advantage of a PC controller: as many games are optimised for these PC peripherals, you can perform all moves and actions from your armchair or sofa using a small, handy device - ideal for comfortable couch gaming. However, a keyboard and PC mouse offer you more precise control, especially in multiplayer titles and competitive games.

Among the gaming accessories on bestware, you will find wireless controllers as well as gamepads with cables or models that operate both wired and wirelessly.


Gaming headset: powerful sound and clear communication in a team

A headset for gaming is part of every gamer's basic PC equipment. It combines headphones with a built-in microphone. High-quality over-ear headsets are just as suitable as gaming headsets as on-ear headsets or small, compact in-ear headsets.

Powerful surround sound allows you to precisely locate everything going on around you in the game. At the same time, thanks to a microphone with clear voice quality, you can optimally coordinate the next steps within your team.

You'll find both open and closed gaming headphones on bestware as gaming equipment with good audio quality. Open headset models allow you to continue to hear your real surroundings, while closed headsets optimally shield you from distracting ambient noises.

If you are planning longer gaming sessions, ensure you buy a comfortable headset with soft ear pads. This is the only way to ensure maximum comfort even after hours of use. With gaming headsets, you also have the choice between wired models that work via plug-and-play over USB and wireless headsets with a built-in rechargeable battery.


Gaming monitor: Optimum image quality thanks to high resolution and smooth gameplay

A razor-sharp image reproduction, a fast refresh rate, minimal response times, and support for AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-SYNC: these are the key features that make perfect gaming monitors.

A screen size of 24", 27" or ultra-wide monitors with 49" provide maximum immersion for every budget. High refresh rates of 165 Hz or 240 Hz ensure an incredibly smooth display of your games.

Gaming monitors with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) are a good starting point. If you are looking for even sharper image reproduction, you can opt for a WQHD monitor (2560 x 1440 pixels) or a 4K monitor (3840 x 2160 pixels). The rule of thumb is the larger your monitor, the higher the resolution should be so that you can enjoy gaming in optimum quality.

Please note: Gaming monitors with a high resolution and high refresh rate require a powerful graphics card in your laptop or desktop PC so that you can achieve high FPS even at maximum quality settings.


bestware: Your online shop to buy the best gaming accessories

At bestware, you can buy the ideal equipment for gaming - either individually or as part of an all-in-one package. In addition to freely configurable gaming laptops and desktop computers, we offer you the best of the best in matching PC accessories from well-known brands in our online shop. With the latest high-end hardware and peripherals, you are laying the foundation for perfect gaming and ultimate success.

Whether you need a new monitor, keyboard and mouse, a headset or further gaming equipment: at you will find everything in optimum quality and gaming accessories with the best price-performance ratio - this applies to gaming newbies as well as experienced e-sports professionals.


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