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XMG PRO: Gaming Laptops and Creative Workstations

As mobile gaming workstations, the XMG PRO 15 (15.6 inch), XMG PRO 16 Studio (16.0 inch) and XMG PRO 17 (17.3 inch) combine the best features for two different areas of use to create the ultimate overall concept. High performance meets versatile high-end equipment. With this, the XMG PRO series not only rounds off the upper performance class for gamers.

With a multitude of external connections and high-quality displays, these laptops are also the perfect workstations for demanding content creation. The XMG PRO 16 Studio is also NVIDIA GeForce RTX Studio certified.


Versatile top performers for gamers and creative professionals

Discover the power and versatility of the XMG PRO series! Especially in the current configuration variant, the notebooks take the idea of a mobile gaming workstation to the extreme. An Intel Core i9-13900HX and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards up to GeForce RTX 4070 with DLSS 3, together with the optimally adapted cooling system, provide you with first-class performance. The PRO 16 Studio even features a vapor chamber. This makes the PRO series ideal as gaming laptop as a laptop for creative tasks such as video editing and rendering.

High-resolution and fast G-SYNC displays not only ensure smooth gaming playback. Thanks to their high colour space coverage, they are also exactly the right choice if you are looking for a laptop for colour-accurate work on images and film material. The XMG PRO 17 even offers you an optional 4K display with a high refresh rate.

An impressive feature of the XMG PRO series is its outstanding equipment. You get native connectivity for up to four monitors and a host of other external ports that leave nothing to be desired. A stable, elegant and predominantly aluminium laptop case rounds off this mobile power package for gaming and content creation.


Buy XMG PRO 15, PRO 16 Studio and PRO 17 at bestware

At bestware you can freely configure and buy your new XMG PRO 15, PRO 16 Studio or PRO 17. Our laptop configurator gives you the opportunity to equip each laptop according to your wishes. The customisation options include, for example, different graphics cards, SSDs, different RAM configurations, over 30 keyboard layouts or even several display options..

Our production team assembles the laptop exactly as ordered and sends it on its way to you after a strict quality control. If you want to upgrade your notebook at a later date: The interior is freely accessible via the screwed base plate.

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