Information on the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) | Return of old electrical equipment

We take environmental protection and the careful use of resources seriously in the public interest. The avoidance of waste should always take precedence over disposal. If your waste electrical or electronic equipment can still be repaired, donated or sold, such reuse would be a good alternative to disposal. Please also note the following information on the return of WEEE:

1. stiftung ear | WEEE Registration

Schenker Technologies GmbH is a registered manufacturer with the foundation elektro-altgeräte register. The stiftung ear performs tasks under both the ElektroG and the BattG.

Our WEEE registration number is: DE 71143935.

2. Disposal and recycling

End-users are obliged to dispose of WEEE separately from unsorted municipal waste. WEEE must therefore not be disposed of together with household waste. They may contain hazardous substances which, if released, may have negative effects on the environment, wildlife and health.

Electrical and electronic equipment that must not be disposed of with household waste is marked with this symbol:

3. Batteries and rechargeable batteries

End-users have the obligation to non-destructively separate waste batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the waste equipment from the waste equipment before disposing of it. Old batteries and accumulators also do not belong in household waste, but can be returned to municipal collection points or wherever batteries are sold. If you have purchased batteries and accumulators from us, you can return them to us or hand them in at our place of business for disposal.

Used batteries and accumulators that must not be disposed of with household waste are marked with this symbol:

4. Clearing personal data

Before disposing of waste electrical and electronic equipment, please ensure that you delete all personal data on your own responsibility. To do this, reset the unit to the factory settings, if possible in the settings. Please also delete all personal or confidential data on internal storage media. Please log out of all accounts (social media, cloud storage, messenger, etc.) with the old device.

5. Return of waste electrical equipment from private households

The following options are available to you for the return of WEEE from private households:

  • On-site take-back
    Waste electrical and electronic equipment can be returned free of charge to our registered office at Schenker Technologies GmbH, Walter-Köhn-Straße 2c, 04356 Leipzig.
  • Take-back by collection from your private household (only within Germany)
    We will collect old electrical appliances from your home free of charge, provided you purchase a product of the same type from us that essentially fulfils the same functions. The free take-back by collection is limited to three old appliances per type of appliance.

    Please declare your wish to collect old appliances by confirming the corresponding checkbox during checkout. Our support team will then send you all the necessary information on the free collection by e-mail.

    Before collection, please ensure that the packaging is sturdy enough to avoid damage during transport and to prevent mechanical compression or breakage.
  • Return at collection points
    You can return old electrical appliances to approved collection points of the public waste disposal authorities, e.g. to a municipal recycling centre.

6. Further questions

For further questions regarding the return of waste electrical equipment, you can contact us as follows:

Schenker Technologies GmbH, Walter-Köhn-Straße 2C, D-04356 Leipzig
Tel: +49 341 2467040
Fax: +49 341 24670444

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