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SCHENKER VISION: High-performance ultrabooks

The SCHENKER VISION 14 (14.0 inch) and the SCHENKER VISION 16 and VISION 16 Pro (16.0 inch) are high-quality premium ultrabooks that perfectly realise the concept of a thin and light laptop. In addition to slim magnesium housings, the VISION series is characterised by first-class workmanship and long battery runtimes. Depending on the performance requirements, the models are available both in an equipment variant with Intel's energy-efficient Iris-Xe graphics chip and with a fast NVIDIA laptop graphics card.


Fast and light ultrabooks with excellent build quality

Modern, elegant, functional and ultra-portable - these are the characteristics that define the well-equipped high-performance ultrabooks from the SCHENKER VISION series. The SCHENKER VISION 16 Pro, for example, is currently the lightest high-performance laptop in the world and is equipped with an Intel Core i7-13700H and graphics cards up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070. Thanks to the fast components, it is the ideal ultrabook for content creation, image and video editing or other demanding applications, without having to compromise on mobility.

The SCHENKER VISION 16, on the other hand, is based on the same design, but dispenses with the NVIDIA graphics card in favour of Intel's efficient Iris Xe graphics chip. As a result, the lightweight laptop achieves particularly long battery runtimes and delivers more than enough performance as an ultrabook for multimedia or as a slim office laptop.

With the SCHENKER VISION 14, you also have the choice between a model with Intel's Iris Xe graphics unit or a more powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 (refresh). The upgrade to the dedicated laptop graphics card is especially recommended for professional image and video editing software. Thanks to a huge battery, this ultrabook also delivers impressively long battery runtimes.

Unusual for ultrabooks: the SSDs and RAM are plugged in instead of soldered. This means that despite the slim laptop design, you are free to choose how much storage space and RAM you need. In addition to a large number of modern connections including Thunderbolt 4, the SCHENKER VISION series offers you a large and precise comfort touchpad as well as high-resolution, fast displays with IPS panels and excellent display properties.


Buy SCHENKER VISION 16 Pro, VISION 16 and VISION 14 at bestware

You can find freely configurable Ultrabooks at bestware! In our laptop configurator, you can choose an individual configuration that best suits your needs. Since our Ultrabooks do not use soldered memory components, you can choose exactly as much RAM and SSD storage space as you need. In addition to different graphics cards, you can also choose from almost 30 different keyboard layouts for different countries.

Every laptop from the SCHENKER VISION series comes with a quality promise that does justice to the premium character of the model series. We check it before delivery as part of a strict testing procedure by our experienced technicians. Unlike many other ultrabooks, you can easily unscrew the SCHENKER VISION series for maintenance or cleaning purposes or to upgrade RAM and SSDs.

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