Roto - Interactive VR Chair

› Ergonomic Seat Design for ultimate Comfort
› Motorised Base that turns you to face the Action
› Integrated Rumble Technology
› Racing Pack and other Accessories sold seperately


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Take your VR gaming to the next level with the Roto VR Chair. Work, rest and play in comfort with the ergonomically designed Roto Seat, complete with integrated rumble technology and interactive foot pedals for the ultimate immersive experience.

The Roto VR chair has been designed especially for virtual reality, to make 360 degree exploration effortless. Height adjusters for the RotoVR Chair arms allow for the most comfortable experience. A removable headrest allows VR headsets to retain camera tracking in any facing direction.

Roto VR HeadTracker: Hands-Free Exploration

Attach the Roto VR Headtracker to any VR headset and be amazed as the Roto VR Chair auto-turns to wherever you look.

The rechargable HeadTracker is compatible with almost all VR Headsets allowing you to enhance your experience on any system allowing for intuitive and effortless hands-free exploration.

Roto VR Base and Touch Pedals: Take your first steps

Touch Pedals are integrated into the Roto VR chair as standard. Left footstep - left pedal button. Right footstep - right pedal button. Now you can 'walk' in VR whilst comfortably seated.

Inside the base are internal tracking sensors, which accurately measure the facing direction of the chair. We provide this information to developers as both an input and output, supporting creative minds to dream up new experiences never seen before.

Roto VR Cable Magazines: Supportive Design

Roto VR Cable Magazines maintain the physical wiring connections (such HDMI and USB), between the VR headset (and other accessories) to the PC, without wires getting tangled up when you turn continuously in either direction.

The Cable Magazines are located inside the Roto VR chair base and have been designed to be interchangeable, ensuring RotoVR can be upgraded to support future VR headsets and accessories.

Roto VR Double Rumble

Feel engine throttle, gear shifts, crashes, flaps, turbulence, landing gear and much more, like you’re in the plane, race car or rollercoaster.

The rumble effects can be driven by the game audio (works with any audio source) and is connected through the Roto VR Control Box. Developers can also dynamically control the vibration effects with access to Roto VR's software development kit (SDK).

Roto VR Control Box: Complete Connectivity

The Roto VR chair Control Box is the central hub where devices can be connected.

The Control Box is located on the underside of the seat and supports:
  • 3 USB data ports (hub) 
  • 2 USB charging ports 
  • 24V 2A power for additional accessories which includes the TMX 150 Force Feedback Steering Wheel
  • Touch Pedals 
  • Emergency button 
  • Double Rumble


Enhance your gaming experience by adding accessories to your Roto Chair.

Accessories include:
  • Racing Pack 
  • Tablettes 
  • Desktop 
  • Side Baskets

Roto VR Chair includes:

  • Ergonomic Seat 
  • VR Base 
  • VR HeadTracker 
  • VR Emergency Button 
  • Touch Pedals 
  • Control Box 
  • Double Rumble

Roto VR Chair does not include:

  • VR Headset
  • Steering Wheel and Racing Pedals
  • Additional Tables and Stands (Sold seperately) 
Dimensions & Weight
  • Roto Base: 65cm x 65cm x 35cm, Weight: 15Kg
  • Roto Chair: 45cm x 40cm x 40cm,  Weight: 10Kg
  • Roto Headtracker: 4cm x 4cm x 1.8cm
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