Audio Laptops

We are currently refreshing our portfolio of professional audio laptops.

Unfortunately, both the XMG DJ 15 and the XMG PRO 15 Audio are sold out. Normally, there would be no need for any placeholder text like this one, as we would have successors ready for release - however, this time it's not entirely up to us.

The introduction of Modern Standby and related changes to power management architecture on laptops are making it impossible for us - and as a matter of fact, for every other manufacturer - to release a laptop and genuinely call it "audio-optimized" at this point. This is in no way related to Windows 11 itself, which the new machines will be running - it's due to changes on hardware level that need to be adapted to step by step.

Currently, it is not foreseeable when we will be able to offer Modern Standby laptops optimised for the professional audio sector. Thank you for your interest and we will keep you updated!

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