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How to find the best accessories for PCs and laptops

With the right accessories, you can easily turn your desktop PC or laptop into the ideal environment for working, playing games or comfortably surfing the internet. At bestware you can buy the best IT accessories from all important categories, from mice and mouse pads, keyboards, headsets and monitors to cables and adapters, storage media and software.


This way, you can put together the ideal setup for e-sports and more in combination with a gaming PC or gaming laptop.


Mouse and keyboard as convenient accessories for inputs

A PC mouse and a computer keyboard from the accessories range allow you to make precise inputs. The range extends from ergonomic and comfortable office mice and office keyboards to gaming keyboards and gaming mice packed with the latest technology. When choosing accessories, make sure that the input devices are optimally tailored to your needs.


Not only does it allow you to control your desktop PC, but it also gives you more control on your laptop: nothing is as precise as using a mouse. For stationary use, a keyboard on a notebook offers you more input space, comfort and, depending on the model, additional multimedia and macro keys.


Audio accessories for maximum sound quality: Headsets

A high-quality headset for the PC or notebook offers you maximum immersion in games through first-class sound quality. Unlike normal hi-fi headphones, computer headsets come with an integrated microphone. Ear-enclosing models shield you particularly well from the outside world and allow you the highest possible level of focus while gaming.


Open headsets or in-ear headsets let you hear your surroundings better. Headsets are the right choice as accessories for gaming in multiplayer games with Teamspeak as well as for professional video calls via Zoom or Skype.


Monitors and multi-monitor setups

Whether in 24 or 27 inch, with Full HD, WQHD and 4K resolution as well as with VA, IPS or OLED panels: one or more high-quality computer monitors will provide you with optimum display quality so that your eyes don't get tired even after long sessions. This not only makes watching movies a pleasure, but also allows you to concentrate on gaming and working for a long time.


The use of multiple monitors provides you with an epically wide field of vision in games and is proven to increase your office productivity: you can display several programmes simultaneously on different screens and always have everything directly in view. Therefore, multi-monitor setups are not only recommended as accessories for the desktop PC, but can also significantly expand your possibilities using a laptop.


Storage media: copying, backing up and transporting data

External storage media are useful accessories to supplement the internal SSD or hard drive in your computer. External hard drives, external SSDs, SD cards or other memory cards and the indestructible USB stick allow you to back up your data, copy it quickly between two PCs or transport it.

Thanks to external drives or DVD and Blu-ray burners, you can play your audio CDs and films on your notebook or create backup copies.


Special laptop accessories

Notebooks are highly mobile, but for maximum flexibility and functionality you can enhance them with special laptop accessories. Stands and coolers allow you to position the laptop at an angle for better typing ergonomics or provide improved laptop ventilation.


Privacy filters protect you and the content on your screen from nosy colleagues in the office or seat neighbours on the train, and the right tools allow DIY enthusiasts to do all the upgrading and maintenance work themselves. With portable laptops, the power supply is the be-all and end-all. That's why at bestware you can not only buy additional external power supplies as replacements or travel power supplies, but also find the matching batteries for your laptop.


Everything under control with versatile laptop bags

A laptop bag offers your mobile device optimal protection during transport and keeps it safe from dust and dirt. Depending on whether you are looking for simple protection at home or professional transport equipment for frequent and business travellers, at bestware you can buy different types of bags as accessories.


These include simple sleeves as padded protective covers, but also comfortable and spacious laptop carrying bags and laptop backpacks or laptop trolleys that offer ample space for additional luggage for a short trip.


Cables & Adapters for Notebooks and Desktop PCs

The most frequently used accessories for mobile and stationary computers are certainly cables and adapters - from the DisplayPort or HDMI cable to the USB-C to DisplayPort adapter and the USB hub to the simple network cable.


MST hubs and card readers let you connect multiple monitors or memory cards in all formats if your laptop doesn't have enough ports of its own. Docking stations are the way to go to connect your laptop to your complete desktop setup of monitors, keyboard, mouse, external drives and printer with just one cable.


Software is the functional backbone of every PC system

The standard equipment of every computer includes an operating system such as Windows 10 or Windows 11, which already provides almost all the basic supplementary functions for everyday use (simple writing and e-mail programme, internet browser and more). For many users, an additional, comprehensive office suite for the PC and an antivirus programme that provides more security are also indispensable.


Anyone who does more with their laptop or desktop PC than just surf the internet or write a text document now and then needs additional software as an accessory. These include PDF software for creating and editing PDF documents or tools for automatic data backup. The latter can even offer a certain degree of protection against ransomware attacks due to the possibility of restoring entire systems including the data stock at an earlier point in time.


Merchandise: Show your passion

Merchandise may not give you any additional features, but it's still just the right accessory to show the world what your heart beats for. At bestware you can buy t-shirts, caps, hoodies, zippers and socks from the high-end gaming brand XMG.

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