A New World

A World Celebrating Togetherness

Social VR platform for the mass market.

Your Virtual Avatar

Generate your true-presence avatar with just one selfie. Modeled after your own likeness, your XRSPACE avatar comes with full-body representation to match your best self in mind.

Social Interaction

Take XR to the masses by redefining how people connect, socialize, and collaborate in virtual worlds and by simplifying the overall experience.


Bring People Together In A New Virtual World

For You and For Others

An ever-expanding world, with private spaces for you to own or public places to explore.

Have fun with friends at home, enjoy your personal cinema, or work together in a dedicated meeting room. Soak in good vibes of a busy city center, meet new friends in a club, or challenge each other with mini- games.

What’s in the world

Explore Together

From cinemas, city center, to a beach with eternal sunshine. A new virtual world where you can easily explore with others.

Watch Together

Enjoy a wide variety of media contents while in the company of family and friends. Premium contents in both 2D and 360 videos from operators and partners. Watch together without physical boundaries, no matter where you are.

Live Better Together

With the immersiveness of VR, wellness exercises and activities have now entered the virtual space to be enjoyed together.

Have Fun Together

With games, contents and scenes from XRSPACE and third party partners, everyone can play, hangout, shop, and simply have fun in VR.

Learn & Work Together

With dedicated spaces for productive meetings and learning, real work can be done beyond physical distances. Offering face-to-face experiences when reality could not.

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