Windows Mixed Reality Headset

› incl. 2 wireless motion controllers
› 2 front cameras for motion detection
› 7,34 cm LCD with 2880 x 1440 px resolution
› Handy tipping mechanism of the visor


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Windows Mixed Reality – A new dimension of entertainmentg

Virtual Reality has long been a dream of computer gamers and technology fans alike. Entirely immersing in a virtual reality and moving freely within it has also been engaging screenwriters of science fiction films for decades. But despite the rapid technological progress, there are only now marketable VR headsets and computer systems that are powerful enough for the virtual reality. The latest generation of this technique is called Mixed Reality. With the Windows Mixed Reality Headset from MEDION you can enjoy VR experiences in unprecedented quality. Not just tomorrow, but today.

Experience more with Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality combines the best of both worlds: The Windows Mixed Reality Headset from MEDION has built-in cameras that allow the system to precisely determine its position in space. The integrated sensors in combination with these cameras not only detect the rotation and inclination of your head, but also your actual position in space. So you can move freely in all so-called "six degrees of freedom": Squat down, stretch yourself up, go back and forth and look at virtual objects up close - with the advanced cameras of the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets by MEDION all these movements are implemented precisely and fluently.

Setting up made easy - with Mixed Reality

In addition to the exact motion detection of the wearer, the Mixed Reality technology has another advantage: It is particularly easy to set up. You can easily connect and use the Windows Mixed Reality Headset from MEDION to your VR-enabled computer, without having to prepare the room extra. Neither special accessories are needed, nor do you have to remove your furniture from the room. You can focus on VR content without worrying about complicated setups or time-consuming installations. With the Windows Mixed Reality Headset by MEDION, diving into virtual worlds is easier than ever.

Interact with the virtual world!

Additional Mixed Reality Controllers finally make the virtual experience perfect: you can intuitively interact with VR objects as you would in the real world. Grab, lift, push, pull, spin - thanks to precise built-in motion detection, you can manipulate the virtual environment as you like. Windows Mixed Reality Headsets from MEDION allow you to enjoy breathtaking experiences and gaming in a whole new dimension. Virtual reality becomes an experience for all your senses.

VR experiences as if you were right in the middle

Imagine, you could stand on a mountain top and admire a sunrise without leaving your house. If you go to your knees and look at the ground more closely, this movement will be liquid. You can pick up and throw rocks or play with a virtual dog - with Mixed Reality such simulations are no problem. Accurate head tracking allows you to enjoy virtual reality without feeling dizzy.

Gaming and more in a new dimension

Experience completely new fantasy worlds with the Windows Mixed Reality Headset from MEDION, explore foreign planets and fight against space pirates. Make a realistic jaunt with your dream sports car. Or take a look at your next holiday destination from the comfort of your own home. In the future, you can plan your kitchen in virtual reality. Or explore the anatomy of the human body as if you were standing in the middle of a blood vessel. Virtual reality knows no bounds and mixed reality is the first step into this new world. Experience the new entertainment dimension with the Windows Mixed Reality Headset from MEDION - up close and comfortable as never before.


  • 7,34 cm (2.89”) LCD Display:
    Mit einer 1440 x 1440 px Auflösung pro Auge, bis zu 105° Sichtfeld und 90 Hz Wiederholungsrate. 
  • Kameras zur Bewegungserfassung:
    Über zwei eingebaute Kameras erfasst die MR-Headset die Umgebung und setzt Deine Bewegungen in der Virtuellen Realität präzise um. 
  • Entwickelt für den perfekten Sitz:
    Das MR-Headset wiegt nur 380 Gramm und ist perfekt ausbalanciert. So kannst Du länger in die Virtuelle Realität abtauchen ohne zu ermüden.
  • Klappmechanismus für mehr Komfort
    Brauchst Du eine Pause? – Dann klapp das Display ganz einfach hoch!
  • Sicherer Halt, schnell und einfach:
    Das Kopfband lässt sich mit einer Hand komfortabel anpassen und fixiert das MR-Headset sicher auf Deinem Kopf.
  • Motion Controller MEDION ERAZER X1001 inklusive
    Interagiere mit der virtuellen Umgebung so direkt, präzise und intuitiv wie nie zuvor. Mit den enthaltenen Controllern ist das ganz einfach.
  • Sprachsteuerung*
    Die Virtuelle Realität noch intensiver: interagiere mit der Umgebung via Spracherkennung und kommuniziere direkt mit Deinen Mitspielern.

*Der Funktionsumfang von Cortana hängt vom verwendeten Gerät und dem aktuellen Standort ab.


  •     MEDION ERAZER X1000 Mixed Reality Headset
  •     kabellose Motion Controller MEDION ERAZER X1001
  •     Garantie-Booklet


  • Garantie: 24 Monate


ca. 185,1 x 94,8 x 102,1 mm


  • 1 x HDMI 2.0
  • 1 x USB 3.0
  • 1 x 3,5 mm Audio Combo


Hole Dir die neuesten MR-Inhalte direkt vom Windows Store und tauche in die Welt von Mixed Reality ein!


Mixed Reality erfordert einen kompatiblen Windows 10 PC (inkl. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update) und ein entsprechendes Headset. Voraussetzungen können je nach verfügbarer Apps und Content variieren. Überprüfe die Kompatibilität deines Rechners hier.
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