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Haptic Virtual Reality Gloves

› 2 Wireless Gloves for presice Finger Tracking
› Transmission in real-time (Latency < 5 ms)
› Haptic Feedback via Resonance Actuators
› incl. 2 HTC VIVE Tracker


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The Prime Haptic is a haptic glove with linear resonant actuators. It provides unique haptic signals depending on the type of material and how much virtual force is applied. Haptic feedback is fully customizable in the user interface, with an integrated material editor and adjustable signal strength, frequency and resonance.


Apollo Haptic GUI is an easy to use software suite and driver that comes included with every Prime Haptic. It includes an intuitive dashboard for managing and easily calibrating gloves. Calibration happens in under a minute and for multiple users, personal calibration profiles can be saved. Apollo also allows streaming glove data over networks.

The Prime Haptic gloves come with a UI for easily managing and calibrating the Manus haptics. A plugin for Unity is available, allowing developers to make use of highly customizable haptic feedback signals in their project.


Haptic feedback enables your users to have a sense of touch in the virtual world, which increases the sense of immersion. When it's combined with other senses, especially sight, touch dramatically increases the amount of information that is sent to the brain for processing. The increase in information reduces user error, as well as the time it takes to complete a task.


Easy integration of the Manus VR Gloves is one of the top priorities. By using Apollo in combination with Manus' plugins, seamless integration into Unity, Unreal Engine, AutoDesk MotionBuilder und IC.IDO are made possible.

The Manus VR Gloves can be used with any SteamVR Tracking compatible headset, such as HTC VIVE Pro, Valve Index and Varjo VR-2.

Additional information: Prime Haptic

The Manus Prime Haptic edition has programmable vibration motors on the finger tips.


0.9 G

Signal latency

< 10 ms

LRA frequency

180 Hz

Battery duration

10 hours on average


5V via Micro USB (cable provided with product)


120 g


2.4 GHz Radio frequency, proprietary prototcol. Complies with human interface device (HID) specification.


Up to 30 meters in optimal conditions, refer to channel selection in the Apollo manual to optimize dongle performance.

Tactile feedback

Fully programmable vibration motor inside casing 

Finger sensor type

Flexible sensors measure the knuckle and first finger joint. Ten sensor areas total.

Finger sensor accuracy

Average deviation of +/-7 degrees

Orientation sensor: Thumb

Orientation of the thumb is measured with a 9DOF IMU

Orientation sensor: Dorsal

Orientation of the hand is measured with a 9DOF IMU

Orientation sensor accuracy

+/- 3 degrees

Finger sensor repeatability

More than 1.000.000 bends


High guage, antibacterial, sports polyester


To achieve positional tracking of the Manus Gloves, Manus relies on the tracking solutions of other 3rd party systems, such as Xsens and Vive Tracking. Any tracking solution that gives the location of the hand can be used to provide positional trakcing. The Manus glove is tested with OptiTrack, Vicon, Xsens, PhaseSpace and StreamVR tracking.

Hand Mount

The Manus Hand Mount allows for the HTC VIVE Tracker to be mounted to the back of the hand for accurate positional tracking with the SteamVR Tracking system.

Included in the delivery
    • • 1 Pair of the Manus Prime Haptic Gloves
    • • 2 High performance IMUs
    • • 2 Wireless USB dongles (transmission range: 30 m
    • • 2 Hand Mounts (for Vive Tracker)
    • • 2 HTC Vive Trackers
    • • International Charger set
    • • Manus Glove Driver
    • • Haptic Resonance Configuration UI
    • • Apollo 2020 UI + SDK
    • • Unity and Unreal Engine interaction plug-in
    • • Compatibility with IC.IDO + Vizard 6
    • • 12 months limited warranty
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